27 Mar 2021

Landmark Project at St Leonards nearing completion


The development and construction of the Landmark in St Leonards is nearing completion and the main concrete works aim to be completed by the end of April 2021 Traino Group has been delighted to work with Hutchinson Builders to deliver this stunning 52 storey residential development. This iconic development was designed by architect Tony Leung from A+ Design group together with Warren Mahoney. The Sydney Harbour was the inspiration for the façade of the building with its wave patterns and shifting angles. The Landmark won a Good Design Award in 2015 and during the projects stage 1 sales release, all apartments were sold in less than 1 day. 

Approximately 35,000m3 of concrete was used in the construction of this residential masterpiece. Traino Group has used a range of post tension mixes and high strength mixes where required in key structural elements such as columns, walls and coresSt Leonards is located just 5km away from the Sydney CBD with amazing views. It is no wonder that this site will be the new landmark building in Sydney’s North Shore.  

Traino Group will continue to provide updates about progress at the Landmark and will look forward to presenting the final product upon completion as it will truly be a sight to see 

See below a Construction Update from August 2020 on YouTube posted by The Landmark